With the continuous innovation of technology, solar cell manufacturing technology is becoming more and more advanced

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India is planning to achieve 50 gigawatt (GW) of production from renewable energy by 2028, in order to get to its goal of 40 per cent of electricity generation from non-fossil fuels by 2030, Ministry of New and Renewable Energy secretary, Anand Kumar said at the India-Norway Business Summit 2019 in New Delhi.

Belgium sees 17% increase in solar power generation in 2021

Polestar Solar Photovoltaic Network News: London-based consultancy GlobalData has predicted that Belgium is planning to phase out nuclear power by 2025. Electricity figures for 2021 released by transmission system operator Elia Group show that solar, wind and gas will play a significant role in replacing this controversial source of electricity. According to Elia, the high availability of nuclear power plants in Belgium last year allowed the energy source to account for 52.4% of the country's electricity, up from 32.8% in 2020 under the Covid-19 pandemic. The trend of Belgian nuclear reactors crowding out the gas-fired power generation market last year was exacerbated by rising gas prices. According to Elia's report on Friday, gas's share of the power mix will drop from 34.7% in 2020 to 24.8% in 2021. The figures come a day after GlobalData said seven nuclear power plants in Belgium, mainly owned by French energy company Engie's Electrabel unit and French state holding company EDF's Luminus, were scheduled to shut down by 2026. The Doel 3 nuclear reactor will come off line this year, followed by Tihange 2 next year, and Doel 4 and Tihange 3 by 2025, according to the London-based analyst firm.


智利正在建设一个全新的太阳能发电厂,这对未来有一些令人兴奋的结果。该工厂预计将在白天和黑夜以及整个恶劣天气中提供能源,每年为多达 13,000 户家庭供电。该项目将使智利成为世界上最大的太阳能点之一。

The new German government introduces a package of measures to support photovoltaic power generation

Polaris Solar PV Network News: (Robert Habeck) has been headed by Robert Habeck since December. On Tuesday (January 11), the green politician released his "climate protection balance sheet" and laid out plans for the coming months. "We are starting with a serious deficit. Previous climate protection measures were inadequate in all sectors and the climate targets for 2022 and 2023 are foreseen not to be met," he told a news conference. The new measures will be implemented through two different implementation of the legislative act. First, what Harbeck is calling an "Easter package" that will include provisions that can be implemented quickly, is expected to be introduced in the spring and will pass parliamentary processes in early summer. In addition, the two branches of the German parliament, the Bundestag and the Bundesrat, will decide on a "summer package" of further measures in the second half of the year. Habeck is targe ting the state aid needed for the European Commission to ratify the two climate protection laws this year.

Solar cell manufacturing technology is becoming more and more advanced


Industry professionals express their opinions on the approval of PL 5829

With the cooperation of Mateus Badra and Ericka Araújo Canal Solar listened to professionals in the energy industry to evaluate the approval of the PL 5829 alternative text, which aims to establish a legal framework for GD (distributed power generation) in Brazil. On Wednesday (18th), the document was approved by 476 of the 482 delegates attending the National Congress. Bluesun Chief Engineer Roberto Caurim followed up the vote and classified the result as an important step in the industry. "The negotiations through ABGD, ABSOLAR and the merchants proceeded very well. The biggest benefits GD can get are safety, stability, and the basic conditions for the growth and longevity of our market segments," he said. The executive also emphasized that with the approval of the document, all Brazilians have reason to celebrate. "We have all won. Even with some taxes, with the development of technology and the rapid development of energy inflation, for the purpose of return, this decision will be eased in a short time. Our department is safe. I am very optimistic. To this approval",


The reports say that the constructions of a 25MW largest solar PV project in Nepal has begun. The foundation stone was laid last week at Devighat in Nuwakot by Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Barsha Man Pun.

The government plans to finish the construction of the project in a year. As stated by Pankaj Kumar, national capacity building expert, this is the first large-scale solar project in Nepal.

Residential power generation is becoming more and more popular, and it is more and more used in new environmentally friendly residential construction

Solar rooftop power generation technology is maturing

Solar rooftop power generation will be increasingly used in residential buildings

The photoelectric conversion rate is getting higher and higher

Science and Technology Daily, Beijing, March 21 (Reporter Zhang Mengran) An important research result published online on the 20th in the British "Nature Energy" magazine reported the first silicon solar cell with a light conversion efficiency exceeding 26%.

Flexible battery

The rapid development of flexible battery technology.

Floating photovoltaic power station

It is not uncommon to build photovoltaic power plants on land, just photovoltaic power plants floating on water. "Paper" Magazine December 10th 7/5000 December 10th

In Liulong Village, Huainan City, in the central city of Anhui Province, a floating solar power station with 165,000 solar panels, a power generation capacity of 40 megawatts, and the largest scale in the world has recently been connected to the Internet.

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 15th

Panda Solar Power Station

Thousands of solar panels put together a panda picture.